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From complexity to life: on the emergence of life and meaning

This book brings together an impressive group of leading scholars in the sciences of complexity, and a few workers on the interface of science and religion, to explore the wider implications of complexity studies. It includes an introduction to complexity studies and explores the concept of information in physics and biology and various philosophical and religious perspectives. Chapter authors include Paul Davies, Greg Chaitin, Charles Bennett, Werner Loewenstein, Paul Dembski, Ian Stewart, Stuart Kauffman, Harold Morowitz, Arthur Peacocke, and Niels H. Gregersen.



Antigone est une pièce en un acte de Jean anouilh représentée pour La première fois au théâtre de l'Atelier à Paris le 4 février 1944, Durant l'occupation allemande, dans une mise en scène, des décors et des costumes d'André Barsacq. LA pièce est inspirée du mythe antique d'Antigone ,la fille d'oedipe ,mais est écrite en rupture avec Les codes de La tragédie grecque.



There is a Malay proverb says, "A small fire became friends, when the fire grows it will become our enemies" or in equivalent English proverb, "A small leak will sink a great ship." Malay proverbs are a word that is consistent with the use of fire in daily life. While fire is a necessity in daily life, it can be dangerous if not properly controlled. Fires are a chemical reaction in which heat and light are generated, which in turn produces smoke. There is a saying that "Prevent Is Better Than Treating". The question now is "How do you prevent a fire, if you don't know the cause". Therefore, it is necessary to understand how a fire can occur. Fire will only happen if there are three elements that combine to help fuel the flame, such as wood, paper and oil, air to supply oxygen and temperature or heat to generate heat or flames



The first automatic control system was invented for machinery, in 1930. It was used to control the speed of steam engines. By the mid-1930s, the use of automated systems had expanded in the chemical and oil refining industries. Advances in the construction industry have accelerated the development of automation systems where its use has been expanded to control fire prevention systems. A number of scientific studies to date have been carried out on this automated system until the creation of automated building systems for various purposes such as temperature control, humidity, ventilation, lighting, energy savings, safety systems and more. In this book, Concise Edition: BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEM, everything is simple, short and gets right to the point, where you do not have to read long sentences, ridiculous and verbose. It is hoped that this book can be fully utilized by you, whether you are a student, a construction worker, an academic or a lecturer.