Kiss on the Bridge

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लेखक : Mark Stewart

वर्ग : Romance

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If a handsome man you had never seen before came up to you on new-years-eve and asked for a kiss, how would you react ? This novel is set in the year 1974. Striking land fall in Darwin on 25th December 1974 at 9:55am and desecrating Darwin, was Tracy, the infamous cyclone. After the storm had devastated the state there was nothing left ... except this story. From the ruins, love sparked and developed between Wade and Anneli, who were destined to meet and relate their story for years to come.

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Kiss on the Bridge

130 विचार
Mamoun aisheh

प्रकाशित 2020-01-10 14:30:47

If a handsome man you had never seen before came up to you on new-years-eve and asked for a kiss, how would you react ?

This novel is set in the year 1974. Striking land fall in Darwin on 25th December 1974 at 9:55am and desecrating Darwin, was Tracy, the infamous cyclone. After the storm had devastated the state there was nothing left ... except this story. From the ruins, love sparked and developed between Wade and Anneli, who were destined to meet and relate their story for years to come.

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Part of a chronicle examining the journeys of a mystical figure referred to as as Domatarious, a Messenger of God. He is responsible for preserving the truths of the Power of Love and Light within a new species known as humans. In the book we are introduced to the new human creation know as Adam. The story considers the early years of creation when just eight humans, placed in different locations on around the world, learn to grow as individuals and as a community. Domatarious communicates with these first creations, instructing them in the fundementals of universal truth in order that they may dwell in harmony and fellowship. obooko. Moving from the initial meeting of the male and female humans, to the conflicts produced by ego, the story reflects the struggle to remain human in a place of unification found only in the power of love. Taking a look through the eyes of these new life forms, one can discover their own weaknesses and stregths manifested in danger, jealousy, joy, passion, and principally, love. Understanding these primitive characters, we can view the beauty of life thatestablishes the foundation of all existence on this planet. This is a love story centred around the relationship of the Universe and its creation, and the journeys of the creation itself. Excerpt: High atop the quiet mountains a solitary figure stood and gazed across the landscape below. The early morning sun was weaving a pattern of light into the darkened terrain, and he pulled in the strength of the dawning of a new day. His name was Domatarious and his task was to guide all of creation toward the perfection of the plan set in motion by the thoughts of God. While not alone in this task, for he was part of the force known as Pantermums, this particular dawning found him feeling very alone and, for the first time in his journey, saddened. "Why, with all the Love and Light in the creation, would the created choose to walk in shadow?" He asked himself quietly. "Of all the eternal places I have found, this Earth was always one of my favorites, but now it is rather plain. Well, not actually plain, simply not the reflection of the Universe I loved and admired when I was last here." "Appreciating the new Earth or merely reflecting on the old one?" He felt her there even before he heard her words. "Satari," he said, as he turned to her, "how wonderful to see you and feel your presence in this rather different place. You bring hope to me that some things may still be beautiful as they used to be." As she took his hand in hers, he felt the transfer of her energy and was refreshed immediately. "Domatarious," she said, "it is good to have you back and to be one with you again. Much has changed in this world, but the love of life is still a strong force between us." She moved closer and they stood and looked out over the growing light as it filled the world. "It has changed greatly my love," she spoke in a quiet voice, "but it is still a beautiful place in many respects and it is a place the God of All Good Things has created for pleasure." He and Satari had journeyed many places in the Universe, and shared a bond that strengthened them in all their tasks. While he had been away from her for some time, they were always together in their deep love for each other. "It appears the Earth has become a rather resistant part of the creation," he said as he once again looked out over the valley below. "I have never seen any part of the Universe ignore the Power of Love and Light as has happened here on Earth. It would be so much easier if they chose to follow the beauty of God's Love and Light, and enjoy a journey filled with peace and joy. It is ever so sad when the creation chooses to trust in its own understanding and not follow the plan of God, and then experience a difficult journey. It is clear that ultimately, all of creation will follow the plan of God's Love and Light, for that is the only conclusion of God's creation. How else can it be when the God of the Universe creates all things to meet perfection?" Satari turned from the view of the valley and said, "Evolving of understanding is the reason for God's thought, and it is the task we and other Pantermums have to assist in this evolution. Throughout the Universe, much of God's creation has progressed through the choices and arrived in the place of harmony and love. While some have taken longer than others have, the work on Earth has become one of the slower transformations. However, you and I both know the transformation will take place in God's perfect time." Turning to Satari, he put his arm around her and led her to a couch near them. As they sat he said, "When I left, the species had begun to grow and seemed to be gaining in understanding. Obviously, they departed from the Power of Love and Light, and things did not work well for them. Were you here for these changes?" "I was called to Conponious shortly after you left, but returned here prior to the destruction. The species evolved rapidly as individuals, but never formed any thought of harmony with each other. This isolation from each other and the lack of mutual understanding provided an open door for the power of the shadow. In less than 200 years, they had learned to fight with each other and bring destruction, but had not developed any growth in knowledge. They never left the valley below during their entire existence. Ultimately, they destroyed themselves faster than they could reproduce. The beauty of Earth began to disappear and we decided to head to the higher places to remove ourselves from the differences they produced. We had been told to let this species evolve without direct interaction." The job of the Pantermums was to guide the creation into the place of harmony. When difficulties might arise, they would normally turn to the Circle of Understanding for help. The Circle of Understanding is the place in Eternity

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Don't Tell My Secret

James Buxton is summoned to his publicist office. He’s not brave enough to tell her he’s suffering from writer’s block. She tells him to write a romance novel. At first he refuses, explaining he writes crime. She walks over, gives him a seductive kiss then says go write me a romance novel. When he arrives at a bed and breakfast hotel he meets an attractive woman, Mia Garnett. Did fate bring them together or something else? James meets an elderly woman, Eloise, who wants to dictate a romance novel to him. She tells him to take all the credit for the book. The story is about a woman living in the 1940’s and her struggles to survive when her husband goes to war. Lilly and her friend Suzie commit a horrific act. They vow to take the unspeakable deed to their graves. When Mia reads Eloise’s story will the discovery put a rift between her and James forever?

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The Subtle Beauty

In this retelling of "The Tale as Old as Time", Beauty IS the beast. When vain Princess Glory discovers she is to be wed to a cursed, recluse prince on the night she plans to elope with the royal falconer, her world comes crashing down. In an attempt to escape a loveless marriage, she tries to run away, only to find herself in the castle of the recluse prince. A snarky, gaelic-speaking gryphon, a ghost, and a plot to usurp her father's throne keep her on her toes. Can Glory overcome her vanity and save the cursed prince?

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A Summer in Amber

A young physicist is dispatched to a remote Scottish estate to secretly decipher the fragments of a manuscript that may hold the key to restoring the solar storm ravaged 21st century. Once there he finds whispers of a reincarnated wizard, strange forces linked to an eerie laboratory said to be a gate to the Otherworld, and a girl. A classic science fiction novel of adventure and romance. The story is set thirty-six years after the first of a series of powerful solar storms destroys the world's electrical grid – shorting out computers, and making radio, TV and mobile phones impossible. Within hours the world was thrust back into the 19th century. Those who survived the ensuing chaos gradually adopted to this new reality. This story takes place in an England and Scotland that have adopted to this new world using an eclectic mix of old and new technology. Steam engines pull carriages over lines once used by high speed trains. Electricity is generated locally using solar panels and windmills. The streets are filled with bicycles dodging horse drawn drays and pedestrians dressed like Victorians to protect their skin from the greatly increased ultraviolet light reaching the ground due to the solar storms' disruption of the earth's upper atmosphere.

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