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Zombies Don't Read

From the author of Zombies Don't Cry comes Zombies Don't Read, featuring 5 completely FREE stories of the living dead, including Zombies Don't Swim, Zombies Don't Carve, Zombies Don't Kiss & Tell, Zombies Don't Study and Zombies Don't Sleep. Excerpt from Zombies Don’t Swim: “Ugghh,” says Lavinia, shuddering as if it was 58-Degrees out and not 85. She crawls out of the shallow end dramatically, dripping clear water all over our brand new pool deck from her long, volleyball limbs. “I hate it when they bump into you, you know? It’s so … creepy. Gawd, why does your Dad insist on hiring those clowns anyway, Viv? It’s so … retro.”

published on 09-12-2019 - 32 विचार
King Marcine

Excerpt from Part One; the Gentleman: It was three a.m. when the young man left his apartment and walked leisurely down the street. A homeless man stood at the corner, waving his arms about and shaking his head as if in the attempt to conduct an orchestra. He screamed unintelligible curses at the imaginary musicians. He smelled of urine and stood beside a grocery cart of assorted garbage, each article, no doubt, with some meaning to his demented mind. The young man walked past trying not to laugh, or cry.

published on 09-12-2019 - 27 विचार
Squirrels & Puppies: Dark Morality Tales.

WARNING! CONTAINS SCENES OF GRAPHIC VIOLENCE Fourteen stories! That's fourteen stories of speculative fiction from the author of "Flowers & Kittens". There are some puppies in this book and a couple squirrels. Most of which are guilty of crimes against humanity. There are also some cyborgs, magical ninjas, a pussy cat, a witch, a cuckerbung, and a bunny. Oh, and there's violence..

published on 09-12-2019 - 25 विचार
Flowers & Kittens: Dark, Weird Stories

These are speculative short stories. A little horror, some sci-fi, a little fantasy, and a LOT of weirdness. Enjoy! Oh, and there is some graphic violence in this book. Hello, Reader! Now, if this is your first time reading one of my books, then that warning up there is for you. These stories are going to be dark. They are also going to be weird. Now you may think you’re hard because you read Harry Potter, but I’m here to tell you my stories are much darker and weirder. I killed a dolphin in my last book and that wasn’t even the most disturbing part. If you don’t like violence, remove yourself FAR AWAY from this book or any other that I’ve written. Just start running and don’t look back.

published on 09-12-2019 - 23 विचार
Hugs & Bunnies: Weird and Dark Tales

More dark and strange stories from the author of "Squirrels & Puppies" and "Flowers and Kittens"! Experience a world where plants can be evil and insects exist in a world of torment and pain. Vampires have diseases and even your dog is thinking about murdering you. Enjoy these seven stories as they scar your mind with cynicism. Hooray for moral ambiguity!

published on 09-12-2019 - 23 विचार
Collected Stories

22 short stories, most first published in Prism International, The Literary Review, The Mississippi Review, Northwest Review, Colorado Quarterly, or elsewhere, including 3 Roll of Honor selections from Best American Short Stories.

published on 09-12-2019 - 22 विचार
Diamonds in the Sky

Diamonds in the Sky is a collection of astronomy-based science fiction stories edited by Mike Brotherton and funded under his National Science Foundation grant AST 05-07781. The purpose of the anthology is to provide stories with ample and accurate astronomy spanning a range of topics covered in introductory courses. Instructors in high school and college may find these stories useful, as some students may learn concepts more easily through story than from lecture. Fans of science fiction with good science should also enjoy these stories. Contributions include both original stories and reprints from some of the top science fiction writers working today. Special thanks to Jeremy Tolbert, Scott Humphries, and Nicole Wade for their efforts.

published on 09-12-2019 - 24 विचार
Lord of the Garden

This is a humorous short story compilation (Volume 1 in a series called The Bible for Aliens) that looks to transport the context of familiar Bible stories into our current culture. It also imagines the context of Bible stories in relation to well-known movies and books, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Life of Pi, and Crime and Punishment. Readers will be delighted, amused, and provoked in their thinking.

published on 09-12-2019 - 21 विचार
Four No More

From the whimsical, magical, exuberant imagination of childhood C.B. Smith has compiled four notable stories into this one collection. He assures us that these tales are so easy even an adult can understand them. Excerpt: The Spaghetti Hair of Charlie O'Dare Charlie was a round faced boy with wide blue-green eyes and orange hair of spaghetti. At least it LOOKED like spaghetti. All the kids at school said so. Even his teacher, Miss Grackle. “Please get that spaghetti hair out of your face, Charlie O'Dare.” Every morning his mother combed it first to one side, then the other, each time throwing up her hands and saying, “I don't know WHAT to do with your hair, Charlie.” Even when his parents cut his hair shorter, it grew back instantly so he always had a head full of thick and wild spaghetti hair. His father said, "Just cut it off. Make him a fuzz head."

published on 05-12-2019 - 27 विचार
Thirteen Guests

Includes: William – As William gets ready for his journey to Canada, he takes a trip down memory lane. Can he ever forgive the Executioners for what they did? Diana – When Diana’s son Des comes home in a funk, she lets him pout for a few days, but now it’s time to make him snap out of it. Urian – After two years of sharing his love with a young fledgling, Urian is at the limit of what he can stand.

published on 05-12-2019 - 22 विचार
Take your Curses

Follow Ben in 'Take your Curses' as he goes on a mission to restore order in his life after his learns the source of chaos in his life. In 'My way of Justice' find out what Patrick resorts to after he is robbed in broad daylight. Plus six more short stories.

published on 04-12-2019 - 40 विचार
Do For Love

A collection of short stories by Maina Ndugo The group suddenly emerged from the bushes and without warning, they lifted her off the ground despite her kicking and loud screaming as they sprinted towards Mwangi’s hut. They were one hill away from their destination when they encountered a group of seven tall and sturdy warriors at the riverbed.

published on 04-12-2019 - 36 विचार
Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase 2

This sci-fi smorgasbord serves up 9 retro tales inspired by the pulp magazines of the 1920s - 1940s. It drops you into the deco chiseled cities of alternate Americana, airlifts you to exotic locales, then rockets you to the farthest reaches of yesterday's tomorrows! Witness the otherworldly genesis of Wild Marjoram in a Chicagoland speakeasy as the violence of the all-female Killdeer Gang reaches vigilante-inspired fever pitch in "The Birth." Flying taxis fight for space over New York as Johnny Grant, Private Eye, sifts streets rife with murder and corruption in "The Maltese Spectrum." It's class-warfare in Citadel City as Pandora Driver and her Car of Tomorrow cruise the shadowy streets in search of one good cop in "Ready Fire Aim." Resources dwindle as aqua farming Region 5 Spaceport Terminus pushes maximum population density, and the balance between man and machine collapses in "Bloom."

published on 04-12-2019 - 43 विचार
ePulp Sampler

The original Pulp stories of the 1920s - 1940s were a lot more spicy and violent than people would expect. Some were even banned or placed behind the counter due to their content, still they hid behind the innuendo of cryptic noir-speak to soften their content for a more ostentatiously genteel audience. Our ePulps re-imagine the world of the pulps in modern language, for a modern audience. You'll find no "heaters squirting lead through some joe's mug" in our ePulps, but they but maintain a distinctly retro feel. They are unflinching in their depictions of violence and graft, and seek to show the "good old days" as they really were. By unmasking the true visage of a romanticized era, we hope to reveal a doppelganger of our own time.

published on 04-12-2019 - 29 विचार
Autumn Leaves

Leaving Princess Kate by Samantha Bond Mark and Kate were the perfect couple, living the perfect life in their fairytale cottage, until it all went terribly wrong. Now Mark is certain Kate is going to leave him – but not if he leaves her first… Stolen Kisses by Carla Caruso Shy journalist Misty wasn’t happy about leaving the bright lights of the city to follow an ageing rock band on tour. Then she met handsome photographer Jesse, and now leaving him is the last thing on her mind… Run to You by Laura Greaves Melissa signed up for the New York City Marathon in an effort to run away from her troubled past. Can she leave her broken heart behind when new romance beckons?

published on 03-12-2019 - 61 विचार
The Sun Also Rises

On the surface, the novel is a love story between the protagonist Jake Barnes—a man whose war wound has made him unable to have sex—and the promiscuous divorcée usually identified as Lady Brett Ashley. Barnes is an expatriate American journalist living in Paris, while Brett is a twice-divorced Englishwoman with bobbed hair and numerous love affairs, and embodies the new sexual freedom of the 1920s. Brett's affair with Robert Cohn causes Jake to be upset and break off his friendship with Cohn; her seduction of the 19-year-old matador Romero causes Jake to lose his good reputation among the Spaniards in Pamplona

published on 09-11-2019 - 88 विचार
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

The story opens with the narrator wandering the streets of St. Petersburg. He contemplates how he has always been a ridiculous person, and also, how recently, he has come to the realization that nothing much matters to him any more. It is this revelation that leads him to the idea of suicide. The narrator of the story reveals that he had bought a revolver months previous with the intent of shooting himself in the head. Despite a dismal night, the narrator looks up to the sky and views a solitary star. Shortly after seeing the star, a little girl comes running towards him. The narrator surmises that something is wrong with the girl's mother. He shakes the girl away and continues on to his apartment.

published on 09-11-2019 - 62 विचार
Animal Farm

JONES, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen−houses for the night, but was too drunk to remember ... Alone among the animals on the farm he never laughed.

published on 09-11-2019 - 60 विचार
ايرينديرا البريئة

مجموعة من القصص.. تغوص بك في عالم مدهش .. عالم غابرييل الخيالي .. حيث كل شيء ممكن .. تعصف بك الأحداث الى عالم لايعرف الحدود .. جميلة هي رواياته .. جميل هو خياله بالرغم من غرابته هذا كتاب للتأمل، للتساؤل من ثم لفتح الأبواب التي تأتي منها الريح، وشأن أعمال جارسيا ماركيز جميعاً فإن علامات الاستفهام التي يطرحها لا تدعي لنفسها القدرة علي علاج كيان مريض لكنها تتقدم باعتبارها مدخلاً للتشكيك في حجية منطق يجعل من المرض طريقة حياة ومن الاستقلال فاتحة كتاب.

published on 05-11-2019 - 85 विचार
قصص الأنبياء

هذا الكتاب من اعداد الشيخ عبد الرحمن اليحيا التركي يحكي فيه عن قصص الأنبياء ، عبر و فوائد و عظات ...

published on 03-11-2019 - 81 विचार
سر الحياة

سر الحياة هي قصة من قصص الأطفال للكاتب هديل غانم و رسوم هاني صالح ... تحكي أن أحد أسرار الحياة هو الماء ...

published on 03-11-2019 - 100 विचार
الربان الصغير

الربّان الصغير خالدٌ فتى في الخامسة عشرة من عمره، وله أختان: ماجدة في العاشرة، ورانيا في الخامسة. ووالدهم أستاذ في الجامعة، والوالدة ربّة بيتٍ ممتازة. قضى خالد ورانيا الأسابيع الأخيرة يدرسان بجدٍ ونشاطٍ حتّى ينجحا بتفوقٍ آخر العام، وهُما الآن ينتظران النّتيجة التي يستحقّان.....

published on 02-11-2019 - 134 विचार
أحاديث القرية

ي عبارة عن مجموعة من الأقصوصات التي دارت في قرية الكاتب، والتي تتحدث بلسان حال المواقف المألوفة في حياتنا الاجتماعية بأسلوب قريب إلى أفهام العامة، وثيق الصلة بقاموس حياتهم، ومَنْ يقرأ هذه الأقصوصات يجد أنَّ الكاتب ينهل من معين البساطة اللفظية المصبوغة بصبغة الحياة اليومية، وكأنه يقصُّ على قُرائه مشاهدًا من دفتر حياته، بواسطة مداد يحمل حبرًا من واقع الحياة، يكتب به مذكراته في رحاب قريته، بأسلوبٍ ساخر يلخص مأساة الحياة على لسان كلمات يرسم من خلالها الكاتب ملامح الدَّهر وتقلباته.....

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نظرية اللعبة

نظرية اللعبة pdf تأليف خالد عودة الله.. وهي عبارة عن مجموعة قصصية فلسطينية ماتعة قدمها الكاتب، ورغم صغر حجمها، حيث تقع في حوالي 65 صفحة، إلا أنها عظيمة القدر، جليلة النفع.. حيث كشف فيها المؤلف عن مرارة الهزيمة، وعز المقاومة، وأزاح آخر ورقة توت عن ذواتنا المنكوبة، وبث الكثير من الأمل ودفع الكثير من التشاؤم والتخاذل، إلا أنها قصص لا تخلو من الواقعية. وقد أبدع المؤلف في الربط السحري ما بين الحدث اليومي الصغير، والتاريخ الكبير للمسلمين ولفلسطين، واستطاع أن يوصل لنا الكثير من المعاني والقيم ببراعته اللغوية.

published on 30-10-2019 - 99 विचार
المجنون بمائة ليرة

يكتب الكاتب الساخر عزيز نيسين مجموعة من القصص الشيقة التي تظهر أسلوبه الممييز البسيط لتصل هذه القصص الى ثلاث عشرة قصة قصيرة من أجمل تلك القصص : المجنون بمائة ليرة، فهي تتمتع بأسلوب السرد البسيط والأفكار السلسة..

published on 29-10-2019 - 130 विचार
حكايات كفاح وقصص نجاح

اسم الكتاب: حكايات كفاح وقصص نجاح اسم الكاتب: كفاح فياض نوع ملف الكتاب: pdf حجم الكتاب: 531.29 كيلو بايت التصنيفات: سير وتراجم ومذكرات

published on 26-10-2019 - 82 विचार
Miscellaneous Aphorisms

The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death. Women are made to be loved, not to be understood. It is absurd to have a hard and fast rule about what one should read and what one shouldn't. Moren than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldn't read. Women, as someone says, love with their ears, just as men love with their eyes, if they ever love at all.

published on 25-10-2019 - 140 विचार
The Soul of Man

The chief advantage that would result from the establishment of Socialism is, undoubtedly, the fact that Socialism would relieve us from that sordid necessity of living for others which, in the present condition of things, presses so hardly upon almost everybody. In fact, scarcely anyone at all escapes.

published on 25-10-2019 - 146 विचार